We produce COVID-19 saliva-based PCR tests

We combine the high reliability of PCR tests with the speed and simplicity of self-collection.

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We supply tests for COVID-19 to private and public laboratories. Join them and have quick and convenient testing at hand.

More than 1.5 million of tests

Our tests cover about 30% of testing capacities in the Czech Republic.

62 test centres

We supply tests to 16 chains for the general public and companies.

Own development and production

We develop and manufacture our tests at the research institute in Vestec near Prague.

Variant information

Our tests also detect the British and South African COVID-19 variants.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions? You may find the answer below. If not, please contact us via this form.

How can I get tested?

Our company is only the manufacturer and supplier of tests. If you want to get tested, please contact one of the test centres.

How does the PCR method work?

PCR detects the presence of viral RNA in the body. The test will determine if a person is currently infected with coronavirus. Its advantage is that it detects the infected even before they are infectious and have symptoms.

How is saliva collected?

Upon arrival at the test centre, you will get a funnel with a test tube to collect a sufficient amount of your saliva. You can find detailed instructions here.

What is the reliability of a saliva PCR test?

Our tests combine the reliability of the PCR method with painless and comfortable self-collection. Thorough validation study on our tests showed high sensitivity and advantages over standard nasopharyngeal swabs and even slightly higher detection of positive samples than the reference swab sample.

Who are saliva PCR tests suitable for?

They are ideal for the general public and whoever wants a fast and reliable result. Tests allow for easy self-collection, reducing people's reluctance to retest. In addition, they have a higher sensitivity and easier sample collection compared to antigen tests.

Do your tests detect COVID-19 variants?

Yes! Our tests help to monitor the spread of mutations in the Czech Republic because they are clearly recognizable from the results. Usually, variants are detected by sequencing the viral genome but this takes a long time. Our tests are fast and just as reliable.

Where can I buy your saliva PCR tests?

Currently, our tests are offered to individuals only through our partner laboratories at their sampling points. These laboratories also supply kits for self-sampling to companies or schools and then provide the assessment.

Do you offer tests that I can do at home?

Our saliva tests allow easy self-collection, which you can do at home. However, the samples must be delivered to the diagnostic laboratory for assessment.

I want to buy tests for our company. What should I do?

Please contact one of our partner laboratories or contact us via this form and we will find a suitable solution.

I want to buy tests for our school. What should I do?

Please contact one of our partner laboratories or contact us via this form and we will find a suitable solution.

Are your saliva PCR tests covered by a health insurance company?

Most laboratories offer our tests for self-payers and on request from a doctor, so they are covered by health insurance. For more information on coverage of tests, please contact the test centres directly.

On the market since 2018

We are a Czech innovative biotechnology company, which was established as a spin-off from the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

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